What a fun session

He knelt at my feet and told me his dark secrets, desires and his fantasies.  They are safe with me.  He kisses my feet and calls me Mistress.  I put his collar and chains on and he crawls to the table as I guide him with his leash.  I used some of my rope to tie him to the table and we began our session.  A good warm up with a flogger and some other implements.  He thanks me.  He is such a good slave.  When I finished with him on the table I strapped him to the chair.  The chair of no escape.  He moaned, his breath became louder.  He was in the chair, enduring what he had coming to him.  I think he loved every second of it.

Wouldn’t you like to be him?

Author: mistressvesta

I am a pro Domme with 10 years of experience. My specialties include spanking, corporal punishment, caning, humiliation, foot worship and key holding. I am a firm but fair Domme.

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