Dungeon Slave

Yesterday I had a slave in my dungeon.  He was very nervous when we met and throughout some of his session.  He had always wanted to try BDSM ever since he was a teenager.  Now here he is in his late fifties just trying it for the first time.  He shook, he drooled and he begged for more.  I truly feel he enjoyed submitting to me.  We started out slow because I needed to know how he could handle things.  We had a couple of hours so as the time progressed so did he.  He went from being nervous and scared to excited.  There was light flogging to start.  Then I decided to tie him to my table and do just a little torture to see how he would do.  He moaned, and gasped as I tortured him.  I like to freak them out sometimes.  Instead of putting a blindfold on them, I put the blindfold on me and try to whip or flog the clothespins off their balls or nipples.  Even blindfolded I have to say I have a pretty good aim.  There was times of tenderness and pleasure to calm him then back to what we were doing.  He was so interested in the bondage chair and I knew he really wanted to get in it.  I made him beg and then earn his time in the chair.  He finally made it to the chair.  Yesterday was his first time at this new experience but I am sure, it won’t be his last.

What a fun session

He knelt at my feet and told me his dark secrets, desires and his fantasies.  They are safe with me.  He kisses my feet and calls me Mistress.  I put his collar and chains on and he crawls to the table as I guide him with his leash.  I used some of my rope to tie him to the table and we began our session.  A good warm up with a flogger and some other implements.  He thanks me.  He is such a good slave.  When I finished with him on the table I strapped him to the chair.  The chair of no escape.  He moaned, his breath became louder.  He was in the chair, enduring what he had coming to him.  I think he loved every second of it.

Wouldn’t you like to be him?

A great bondage session

greta052022Yesterday was a great bondage session.  My slave arrived early, an entire hour early eager to please me.  I was stuck in traffic, but I wasn’t due to arrive for an hour.  I made it on time of course because I like to be punctual, and always in control.  He was a handsome slave, oh I will have fun tying this one up and teasing him.  Even humiliating him.  My first time meeting him.  I met him at a nearby restaurant and it was there that I gave him the address of my dungeon.  I like to do a quick interview first if I have never met someone.  I ask questions, and see how they respond.  I want to see if they are worthy of being in my dungeon.  At the end of the interview I said “give me ten minutes to go back to my dungeon and change clothes.   When you arrive, let me know by texting me so I can let you in.”  He did.  He arrived and I let him in.  He looked so happy.  He put his bag on the floor as instructed.    After he showed me all of his things that he brought with him, I instructed him to strip down.  It was a lengthy bondage session.  I started out by hogtying and gagging him.  While he was tied and helpless I took some pictures of him.  He was bound, gagged, blindfolded.  Later he was forced to dress like a pretty girl.  A very pretty girl.  I made him take off his panties and garter and tied his cock tight with satin cord as was his balls.  A butt plug up his ass.  He looked so helpless.  The session went on for hours.  He was a good slave.  He will be back.